Upcoming Windows 10 Features Every Windows User Should Know 🐱‍👓

Avatar wmoriginals | April 2, 2019

Windows 10 is set to receive Windows 10 April 2019 Update and in this article I will let you know about Upcoming Windows 10 Features Every Windows User Should Know.

This is our First video of April 2019 coming on Windows 10 April 2019 Update Release date, Roll-out and iso downloads are made available – This videos has Cool New Features every Windows 10 user should know.

Windows 10 April 2019 Update brings a new light theme experience to Windows 10. You can make the changes by going to setting, personalization then colors and selecting light from drop down menu.

Microsoft is about to bring Windows 10 Reserve Storage with Windows 10 April 2019 Update.

I will come up with separate video on how you can enable reserve storage but in this video I will let you know how you can see if reserve storage is enabled or not. Go to settings – System and then click on storage.

Under that go down and click on show more categories on top you will see System & Reserved – click on that and under that you will be able to see reserved storage as well as system files, Virtual memory as well as Hibernation file options..

You can know more about reserve storage by clicking on learn about how storage reserve works.

  • Cortana and Search Separation –

Yes coming through this build we see Cortana and search separated with each other and Cortana is still available on the left corner along side search option. The search provides option to search for files, contacts or even web search can be performed from here only.

There are no changes coming to features or UI or Cortana it’s still the same. Actually I would love it to be removed from there and once on speaks hey Cortana or presses Hot Key Windows + C opens up Cortana.

  • Change the brightness of your laptop’s display using Quick Action Slider

Coming with this update you will be able to changes brightness directly from your quick action slider under action center. Slide it around and you brightness with update as you want, I prefer it to be around 70.

  • Customize Quick Actions from the Action Center

You can also customize your quick actions from the action center you can right click and select edit or go to all setting and look for edit quick actions from there you select edit quick actions.

One of the most liked feature, Actually I love it and thanks Microsoft for bringing this. You can access multiple copied item such as pictures, text as well and this is what I love. Just click hotkeys Windows + V and Clipboard will open up with your history of texts or images you have copied.

It also cross device yes under settings system you can go to clipboard from there you can toggle on Sync Across devices this will enable cross device Clipboard.

Which of these is your favorite? or Have I missed that? Share that in comments and I will try and come up with next video on that topic.

This is 10 Upcoming Features & Changes overview for Windows 10 April 2019 Update.

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