Try Windows 10 21H1 Update Now Before Everyone Else! Upgrade Now

Avatar wmoriginals | February 25, 2021

As Microsoft is ready with Next feature update for Windows 10? Aka Windows 10 21H1 Update or maybe Windows 10 May 2021 update! Want to give it a try?

Today I will tell you how you can get next windows 10 major update right now before everyone else! which is rather a small update coming to windows 10.

There is no official word from Microsoft on Windows 10 21H1 update release date yet! but we can expect it in coming weeks,

So get ready for next windows 10 major update? or  should we say windows 10 minor update?

We can expect a bigger update with new features in late 2021. That will likely be Windows 10 21H2 Update, which will perhaps be called the October 2021 Update.

Right Now Windows 10 Latest 2021 Update is only available for Release Preview Channel & Beta Channel for Windows Insiders.

How to Get Windows 10 21H1 Update Now?

So if anyone wants to get access to Windows 10 21H1 Update right now, they are to enroll to Windows Insider Program Release Preview / Beta Channel.

For enrolling to Windows Insider Program,

Click Start > Go to Settings > Update & Security

Then Click on Windows Insider Program, From there click get started and add your Account.

Select Beta Channel / Release Preview Channel

After that select Beta/Release Preview Channel, & Restart your Devices.

Once Restarted, Check for Updates and you will be having Windows 10 21H1 Update at your Windows Device.

Check out this video tutorial from our YouTube channel WM Originals for step to step guide on how to get Latest windows 10 update now!

Big Question! What are the features coming along Windows 10 21H1 Update?

Almost nothing is new in Windows 10’s 21H1 update.

However, down under Windows is still being fixed with important security patches and bug fixes.

John Cable, Vice President, Program Management, Windows Servicing and Delivery from Microsoft says in Official Windows Blog Post

The features we are releasing in this update are focused on the core experiences that customers have told us they’re relying on most right now.
So, we optimized this release to support our customers’ most pressing needs.

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