Save Internet on Windows 10 with these Simple Tricks

Avatar wmoriginals | August 12, 2019

Seeing High Data Usage in Windows 10? Save Internet to Optimize Windows 10 Performance & Best Solution to Stop data usage in Windows 10 in 2019.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 also consumes high data due to various settings being on as default.

There are many people who complain about high data usage on windows 10 they have been complaining like that whenever they connect their data to windows 10 device it consumes all of their data limit in few minutes or in rare cases in just in hour of usage well that happens because of internet speed, it that is also on the higher side it will surely get consumed fast.

Now let me also tell you three tips that will save your data on Windows 10, so lets start this video and know the tips fist for which you are here.

  • Disable Windows 10 Automatic Updates
  • Disable Background Apps
  • Turn on Metered Connection

This is how you can save and much more is also being shared in the video, watch and know all about saving data on Windows 10.

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