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Avatar wmoriginals | April 6, 2020

Make Windows Look Better – For beginners, you’ll learn how to change Windows 10 Start Screen menu colors, Desktop Background, Wallpaper & Themes.

I also show you how to change Windows 10 theme quickly And the wallpaper is easy to customize and change. Windows 10 personalization has never been easier or quicker through the start screen, task bar or desktop menu.

You can change Windows 10 background colors easily through the Windows Settings, this also works on Windows 10 laptop, desktop, tablet as well as Windows 10 touch screens.

This video will show you how to personalize and customize the appearance of Windows 10. Over the years, at WM Originals I’ve done several videos on Windows 10. In the comments of those videos, people keep asking questions on how to change the appearance or customize certain features.

Make Windows Look Better – In this beginner’s guide,

I’ll also answer some of those questions and show you how to personalize your Windows 10 computer.

Make Windows Look Better | How to enable full Windows 10 Light Theme using Settings –

To use the light theme in the Start menu, taskbar, and Action Center, use these steps:

Open Settings >>

When you select Light under Settings 🡺 Personalization 🡺 Colors, your system’s color would also become lighter too. This includes the file explorer, taskbar, Start menu, Action Center, touch keyboard, and more.

More to come soon..

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