How to Update to Google Chrome Latest Version on Windows 10 [[ Tutorial ]]

Avatar wmoriginals | November 29, 2019

Also if you’re wondering, “why should I update Google Chrome latest version on windows 10?”, It is because it’s important to update regularly as the updates provide needed security improvements and optimizations as well.

Lets Know How to Get Google Chrome latest version & Make it Default Browser in Windows 10. What if Chrome update fails automatically? How to force a Google Chrome update –

Open Google Chrome & this is how it looks like,

Click on three dots and there after go to help and click on about google chrome, there you see google chrome is already checking for latest updates and if there are any updates available it will get updated to that else it will mention Google Chrome is up to date and will show up official build version.

I am using the latest version of Google Chrome which is Version 78.0.3904.108 Official Build 64 Bit.

Google Chrome Extensions Support For Microsoft Edge Chromium | Microsoft Edge Tutorials

Love Microsoft Edge but missed Google Chrome Extensions? Best Chrome Extensions in 2019 & Before are finally available with Edge Chromium. Best bookmark extension chrome or the best pdf reader all are now available for Microsoft Edge Chromium.

Finally you can install your favorite Chrome Store Extension on Edge Browser – Grammarly, Evernote Web Clipper,, Tab Resize, Checkbot, Check My Links, Ookla Speedtest, Scan WP, WordPress Admin Switcher, WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts and many of your favorites are available now.

Google Chrome Extensions on Edge Chromium? Yes… and You SHOULD Get the Edge Extension for Chrome!

Microsoft Edge Chromium, which is the default browser in Windows 10, actually does have the best security, even better than Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

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